The Benefits of Drinking Coffee for the Healthy and Naturally Beautiful

Who never enjoyed the delicious coffee. A distinctive and fragrant aroma make more coffee lovers. In addition to the effects that quite a lot, in fact many of the benefits of drinking coffee.

You coffee lovers? This coffee has caffeine levels are quite high. Due to the high caffeine in coffee making terkandug drink this one didengung the Malays ' as one of the causes of a sore heart. It is certainly not wrong, since most coffee is very risky for the heart.

But for you you coffee lovers, don't worry. It turns out this coffee also has considerable benefits for the body (read also: how to make French press coffee ). What are the benefits of drinking coffee. We will discuss one by one.

The benefits of drinking Coffee for women or Men

Coffee has considerable benefits no matter for women or men. Want to drink the morning coffee or evening is very fitting.

Here are some of the benefits of drinking coffee that is proven and compulsory you should know.

Cafein in coffee help improve physical work
Caffeine helps increase the body's metabolism increases the fat burning process dann. This will be a fat fat fatty acid which is a source of fuel for the body so no wonder if you will have more energy after drinking coffee.

Enhance the spirit of activity and improving intelligence
Believe dont heck this coffee can help boost morale in your activities? It is true, the content of caffeine in coffee is psychoactive substances are stimulants that are able to boost the spirit of performance.

In addition, this coffee is also able to increase the intelligence of the brain. Dont believe it? Drink a cup of coffee in the morning after breakfast can improve the performance of our brain. It could be said to make you "more intelligent". Drink a cup of coffee in the morning makes the caffeine in the coffee into the blood vessels and flow to the brain. The caffeine will hinder the work of adenosine. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter inhibitor compounds. When this occurs, the production of dopamine and other such neutrotransmitter norepinephrin increases. The second improvement neutrotransmitter is able to improve the performance of cell nerve cells (neurons) in the brain.

Help lower your risk of diabetes
By drinking a cup of coffee can help inhibit the process of absorption of sugar. The content of klorogenat acid substances in coffee is also able to help increase insulin so glucose uptake will be optimized.

Keep your oral health
Coffee has the antibacterial content which help kill bad bacteria in the mouth. This content also helps overcome gingivitis, plaque and other problems of the teeth.

But don't be too often drink coffee Yes, because in addition to having a million benefits coffee also contains a million dangers.